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Oct 1, 2012 5:09pm EDT
what they're asking goes too far. >>> dan hellie and chriscooley break down yesterday's dramatic win by the redskins. >> that was a white-knuckle moment. >>> tonight at 6:00, we'll tell you about a scare in the air when some travelers' seats became unbolted during their flight. and that's just the beginning of the troubles for >>> they pulled it out in dramatic fashion. >> i mean, our hearts were in our throats. in those last few seconds. dan's out there with chris to look at those -- that was an incredibly high drama game. >> guys, this is just unbelievable. because the redskins really took this game by the throat. they took an 18-point lead and then they blow the lead and have to rely on a kicker who hasn't hit a kick the entire game to come back and win this for them. joined by chris cooley, former pro bowler tight end for the redskins. i know you hate the phrase as a player, must-win. but if there's anything as a must-win game in september, i, for one, felt like this was it. what does this do to galvanize a team? >> it's a huge sigh of relief for this franchise. they had to have
Oct 2, 2012 5:00pm EDT
down there. dan? >> reporter: yeah, guys. one of the principal owners of the washington nationals, a very happy family. not only are they going to the playoffs but as division champions. mark, i have to ask you what it was like during that game last night when it's finally a done deal and you hear that the division title is yours. >> the first eight innings, a done deal. we were not happy leaving all those guys on base. so that was pretty cool. did not expect to get back in that way but at 96 wins, you don't care how you get in. >> the only time you can really be happy after a loss. >> it was everything that i ever dreamed of. the whole celebration was triching. >> can you describe that feeling? i was in the locker room trying to watch the celebration. not part of it. you were very much part of it. probably trying not to get run over by some of those guys. >> yeah. but no doubt about it. i was going to get him and then i got him. then the rest of the guys got me with gator aid so i was totally stoke. >> i love gio's nickname for you. >> i've had two operations on my foot and start
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2